Owner / Colorist


Stephanie Frausto grew up in Santa Clara, California. It was here that her love of color started at the age of only 16 while she was attending both high school and beauty school part time. In 1992 Stephanie entered the apprentice program at Vidal Sassoon and within just 4 years Stephanie was awarded the North American Colorist of the year award. Over the 10 years Stephanie spent with Vidal Sassoon she reached her goals of becoming the Head of the Color Department and Director of Color Education at the Vidal Sassoon San Francisco Academy. Stephanie has traveled across the world as a Color Educator, most notably to Berlin, London, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta and the Republic of China. Stephanie believes that the mastery of color is an ongoing adventure not a destination and that as a colorist you should not fear pushing the boundaries to have beauty meet success.